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Why is game name ""
Anyway XGun + .io = Player can use a lot of weapon to play in ""multi-user real time fighting gam"
and it is quick start to play game.


About Game is a cross-platform multi-user real time fighting game which is equipped with widely different weapons and advantages like easy operation and available to play at any time. More than 9 types of attributes are available for each weapon for upgrade so that players can create roles of their own styles. Besides, an automatic archiving function enables players to start from the progress that he/she left on the previous time. This game is suitable for all ages.


XGun.io是一款跨平台多人即時大亂鬥遊戲, 除了有著上手容易, 隨開即戰的優點以外, 還有風格迥異的武器, 每種武器更有9種以上的屬性可以升級, 讓玩家可以打造出自己風格的角色, 另外還有自動存檔的功能, 讓玩家不用每次上線都要重新練等級, 是款老少咸宜的遊戲.




Beside of new appearances and new weapons, players can also use scores they acquired during games to get game credits in return and use them to purchase all items in the game. Besides, several new models will be added as follows:


除了新外觀, 新武器以外, ,玩家也可以使用遊戲中所得到的分數換取遊戲幣, 並使用遊戲幣來購買
遊戲中的所有道具. 另外, 還會新增以下幾種新模式 :

About Surf Monster Studio

SurfMonster Studio is composed of three players who love playing games. We aim at creating a
balance game environment which will not sell any items that destroy it. We are expecting to see
that players love our games and share the happy moments with their friends while feeling exciting
when acquiring treasures. Players who spend much money to surpass other players who play
games earnestly are not what we want.


衝浪怪獸工作室是由三名熱愛遊戲的玩家所組成, 我們的目標是打造一個平衡的遊戲環境, 並且
不會販賣任何破壞遊戲平衡的道具, 我們希望看到的, 是玩家對我們遊戲的喜愛, 還有與朋友一起遊玩
的快樂回憶, 與打到寶物的爽快感, 而不是用花許多錢的方式來超越其他認真玩遊戲的玩家.

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